TEDxAmoskeagMillyardSalon: Immigration

TEDxAmoskeagMillyardSalon: Immigration

The second salon event will be held at Jupiter Hall on Saturday May 5, 2018 at 6:30pm.

Jupiter Hall is at 89 Hanover Street in downtown Manchester, right across from the Palace Theatre.

The goal of the TEDxAmoskeagMillyard salon events is to spread ideas and build community in our corner of Southern New Hampshire. We will be creating space (in a local place) and time (about 90 minutes) to watch TED talks together and have informal facilitated discussion, in person, about the ideas we encounter in the selected talks.

The theme of the second salon is immigration. Not since World War II have so many people been forcibly displaced by war and persecution. What is our responsibility to help refugees and immigrants thrive? Can we connect as humans, with greater empathy, to immigrants and the personal challenges and experiences they face when starting over? What policies and practices might optimize the well-being of immigrants and our communities during this displacement? What might we do to help lay the ground work so that displaced persons might be able to return home?

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