What is a TEDx salon?

Unlike other TEDx events, salon events focus on a single subject area, rather than a broader theme. They are shorter in duration and intended for smaller groups, which spark more productive discussions.


We are designing our salon as a series of dialogues, each on a specific topic and intentionally paired with a performance planned at Stockbridge Theatre this season. Each salon conversation deals with a challenge we currently face as a community.

Engaging with these issues directly and as a community prior to the performance both enriches the theatre experience and builds community. First, it jumpstarts our thinking, preparing us to make broad mental connections with the work of the artists on stage. Second, it explicitly constructs the audience as a community coming together to share an experience and engage with ideas that might just make the world a better place—we become more than individuals, couples, or families enjoying a night out in our bubble.

It is our hope that by creating this venue, forging deeper connections with the Stockbridge performances, and encouraging greater social engagement, we will serve, grow, and deepen the community that enjoys our larger, annual TEDxAmoskeagMillyard event. In other words, we hope to help spread ideas.

Salons are free and open to the general public

While the salons precede a performance at the Stockbridge Theatre, you are invited to attend the salon–whether or not you plan to attend the performance. You may attend one or all four salons. If you are interested in attending the performances that follow, you can purchase tickets directly from Stockbridge Theatre. Stockbridge Theatre is on Pinkerton Academy’s Campus in Derry, NH. You can find directions here. GPS users, enter: 44 N Main St, Derry, NH 03038.



We hope the salon discussions will make you hungry for more! We are working to put together another signature event, TEDxAmoskeagMillyard, a day of live talks and performances and are aiming for June.

You can get more information as it becomes available by signing up for our e-mail list by using the form on the upper right of this page under “Subscribe”.