Matthew Seawright

Entrepreneur, speaker

Plainfield, NJ

Matthew Seawright changed his life’s direction forever when he enrolled in a degree program with a New Hampshire-based university in December 2016. 

He has since become an entrepreneur, public speaker, and a better leader focused on helping others change the way they do business through effective customer service and direct experience positioning. 

As an entrepreneur and customer experience trainer and consultant, Matt’s mantra is: Be Genuine. Be Tactful. Be Effective. Be Efficient. He said, “These leadership characteristics are a part of the message I continuously share wherever I go. I consider them to be a part of my brand and a part of a growing and impactful story.”

Matt has made a strong vow to serve those in need, and promote growth and strength through both ministry and mission. Outside of the philanthropic work, he intends to better businesses with the various workshops, seminars, and training he has developed. Through his company, Effective & Efficient Response, he has his sights set on being a household name amongst Forbes’ biggest names in the consumer care and support industry.

Part of Matt’s journey is to repay those who influenced him along his journey by returning to volunteer and share his message. Matt has also partnered with the City of Plainfield (NJ), Economic Development, to empower entrepreneurs and equip them with the necessary tools needed to succeed. 

Matt received a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019 and is continually educating himself to meet the needs of the industry. He is a son, a brother, brother-in-law, 1 of 30+ first cousins, a best friend, and confidant.