Keefe Harrison

Recycling transformer

Walpole, NH

Keefe Harrison is the CEO of The Recycling Partnership, a national non-profit transforming recycling in cities and towns across the United States. Since launching The Recycling Partnership in 2014, she’s grown it from a one-woman-team to a multi-million-dollar corporate-funded effort that supports over 1,000 communities across the US.

A 21-year veteran of the waste reduction and recycling field, her work has been rooted in building collaborations that create positive environmental change in this world. She started at the collegiate level, then moved up to the state level, and is now nationally focused. She’s been a technical assistance team member for the North Carolina Recycling Office, the communications director for the Association of Plastics Recyclers, a project consultant for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) via Booz Allen Hamilton, and was a senior consultant at Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) where she led the team that built The Recycling Partnership model. 

Prior to her work in recycling, Keefe researched sea turtles in Costa Rica, studied reindeer husbandry in Finland, and worked on a sustainable forestry crew. 

One of her favorite party tricks is helping people answer the question, Can I recycle that? She said, “Sometimes, the answer is maybe.”

She is a nationally recognized speaker and author on recycling and environmental issues and lives in New Hampshire with her husband, children, and backyard hens.