Holly Mintz, MD

Pediatrician, chief medical officer

Bedford, NH

Dr. Holly Mintz was drawn to a career involved in community and population health and has been practicing for 22+ years. As a pediatrician with an initial focus on improving medical access and quality for children, she’s broadened her scope to include senior health services in more recent years. She’s learned much about the barriers to care not only for our elderly population, but also for patients with behavioral health disorders, and those with chronic substance abuse disorder.

“I have done medical volunteer trips to Africa, Panama, and Nicaragua, and I learned that nothing brings warmth to my heart more than extending myself, learning about what challenges others face and frankly, it has motivated me to help make things happen,” she said.

In fall 2018, Holly became the CMO for all ambulatory services for Elliot Medical Group and in this role, she is helping to guide the strategic vision for the health system and community of Manchester, New Hampshire and beyond. Her efforts include improving the behavioral health delivery model, conquering barriers to offering patients medication assistant treatment, and understanding ambulatory service activities, challenges, and issues.

Holly enjoys sharing her experiences and stories to inspire others through charitable events, medical staff functions, educational seminars, and groups of high schoolers.