Whether you’re new to live TEDx events or have had the pleasure to attend TEDxAmoskeagMillyard or other TEDx events in the past, you may have no idea what goes into making this event come to life. The talks, of course, are the heart of the day and everything the organizers do revolve around showcasing each of the speakers prior to, during and after the event – and ensuring the day itself is an incredible one, filled with thought-provoking ideas and conversations.

Have you ever wondered what happens between the nomination period and speaker selections, and what each speaker talks about on event day? It isn’t a matter of picking speakers, telling them a date and connecting again shortly before the big day. There’s a whole team of coaches working individually with each speaker and with each other over many months. The speakers are given a timeline with specific benchmarks to hit, from turning in a theme and summary of their speeches to outlines and rough drafts and finally, a completed version of the talk and any slides the speaker chooses to present.

Along the way, speakers are given feedback from their coaches, based on individual and collective review of and in response to each talk. Sometimes our speakers are on the money from the start in what they want to share and other times, they need a bit of help in solidifying their thoughts to best convey the ideas they wish to share. It’s a responsibility each coach takes seriously – and it’s a privilege to work with such fascinating people, our speakers.

As the speaker team lead for the 2018 TEDxAmoskeagMillyard event on June 2, I’m working with dynamic coaches from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are dedicated to helping all 10 speakers deliver a talk you won’t soon forget. Along the way, we’re learning a lot about a ton of different topics, quite a bit about the speakers themselves, each other and ourselves. It’s the same every year and it’s an incredible experience.

We have some extraordinary people coming your way in June – and talks you’ll be discussing for some time to come.

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